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Bark Affiliate program

Our affiliate rates are some of the highest in our industry. You'll get commission on every genuine Bark that we receive, even if the customer never actually books the service through our site.

Bark helps people all over the UK find great local professionals for absolutely anything they want done. With over 1000 categories to choose from, we're the ideal destination for a wide range of affiliate traffic.

People visiting our site can place a 'Bark' telling us what they're looking for. We then find them local pros who can help them, completely free of charge.

We'll pay you up to £50 commission for every genuine Bark that gets a response from one or more of our pros.

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What we offer

Our rates vary by category, with payments of up to £50 available in our best performing categories.

As we work with such a broad range of pros, you can even earn commission with us in categories that, to our knowledge, you simply can't profit from elsewhere – like balloon artistry and bouncy castle hire.

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Start profiting with Bark today

To start profiting from our affiliate programme, simply refer quality leads to our site using the ads and links provided on the Bark affiliate platform here.

Our business is about finding new customers for our pros, so providing quality leads is the key here. We screen every Bark placed on our site so ensure it's genuine – and once it's verified, we publish the request and alert our pros.

We'll pay you for every genuine Bark placed on our site, from a customer who's found us by clicking one of your affiliate links – so long as it gets at least one response.

As we continue to grow, more and more of our categories will become profitable sources of affiliate revenue, and we'll keep you up to date with which niches are working best in our weekly affiliate newsletter.

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How to maximise your profits

Starting out as a new Bark affiliate, we recommend focussing on the legitimacy of the jobs you're referring to our site. In short, it's best to focus on quality over quantity.

Different categories on Bark perform differently. So, to increase the percentage of leads you send us that result in a pay-out for you (i.e. to boost your conversion rate) we recommend focussing your efforts on our most profitable categories.

Historically, our top performing categories have been entertainment niches like photography and wedding planning, as well as 'bulk' categories such as house cleaning and B2B categories like Web Design and Accounting.

We'll keep you up to date with what's working best in our weekly affiliate newsletter – and if you ever want to check if a category is likely to work well for you, you can always send us an email at affiliates@bark.com.