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Business & Career Coaching near you

Starting or even growing your existing business can be full of obstacles. You could also be feeling stuck in your current job role, and are unsure how to move forward. A business or career coach will work with you to break down any barriers you may be facing. They will share their industry insights to help you reach your potential. The goal is for you to gain new perspectives and take actionable steps based on what they suggest.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need help on developing a new direction for your business, we’ll connect you with the best coaches to help you do just that.

Choosing a Business & Career Coach

What to expect from an Executive Coach

Like with any form of coaching, an executive coach is there to act as a mentor to help you achieve your goals. More specifically, the goals relating to your business or career. The first step is to identify your aims and any stumbling blocks that you are currently experiencing. During the process, your executive coach will draw on their corporate experience to help you move forward.

Every executive coach will have a different approach to their work. However, the overall aim is to motivate and encourage your journey so that you can succeed professionally. Often, you’ll attend several sessions either in person or virtually to discuss your progress. Some require just a handful of sessions. However, some people prefer creating and maintaining a long-term relationship with their executive coach as they progress with their career.

What to look for in a Business or Career Coach

Your business isn’t just your livelihood, it’s the combination of your passion and ambition too. So when it comes to hiring a business or career coach, you want someone who shares the same determination for it to succeed.

Business coaches, often referred to as executive coaches, usually have a corporate background. Preferably, they will have real life experience in managing their own business too. This includes successfully overcoming challenges so that they can best help you overcome yours too.

Every business is different. However, the qualities to look out for aside from experience is someone motivated, knowledgeable, and firm when needed. You should leave each session feeling empowered, ready to make the necessary improvements.

Different types of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a broad definition that may cover several different approaches, depending on whether it’s for yourself or the wider business. You may be an employee looking to reach your potential within your job, or looking to go it alone with a new business venture. So it’s vital to select the right type of executive coaching for your needs.

  • Business Coaching - A business coach will help train and mentor you to become more successful. It is different from business consultancy where external teams will come in and make changes. Instead, business coaching is about giving you the tools to adapt your business model or strategy yourself, so that you fully understand what needs to happen. The aim is to create a long-lasting change in the business through the knowledge gained and the strategies you have developed with your coach.

  • Career Coaching - Feeling uninspired in your current job role? Want to go for that promotion, but don’t know how? Career coaching takes an individual look at where you are now and compares it with where you want to be. It will take into account things such as your personality, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. By identifying what is currently holding you back, your career coach will help you reach your potential in the workplace.

  • Personal Development - Personal development is a huge part of executive coaching. Whether you are an employee, are self-employed, or are the CEO of a large company - everyone can benefit from personal development. It can include everything from boosting your confidence to handling stress better. Or, areas such as public speaking and even improving your time management. If there are aspects that are holding you back in your business or job, then personal development will tackle these head-on.

  • Leadership Skills - Not everyone is a born leader. It could be you have been promoted to a managerial position or are aiming to be, but lack the skills or personal attributes to get there. Leadership skills will take a closer look at what is needed to manage a team. A great manager should possess confidence in their ability, but equally, not micromanage. They also need to be great coaches in themselves, which is why executive coaching that focuses on leadership skills can give you the tools you need to do just that. It may also highlight any areas of weakness so you can become the best version of yourself when it comes to your management style.

How to check an Executive Coach’s credentials

Various executive coaching programs exist, such as AoEC and INSEAD. However, what’s most important is that your coach has the real life experience of running a business. They must understand workplace procedure as well as the ins and outs of business so that they are best placed to coach you. While some executive coaches also work as therapists, the two are separate entities. Though, if you are also looking to work on your personal development, a coach who works across both areas may be of benefit.

Can I access Business & Career Coaching online?

Yes! This service is known as virtual executive coaching. What’s great about virtual coaching is that it’s more convenient versus travelling to a session after work. You can even get business or career coaching during your lunch break when accessed online. As business coaches are located around the world, virtual sessions may also mean you can access the very best professionals who otherwise would be out of reach.

Why is Business Coaching important?

Running a business can be very challenging. There are so many factors that could inhibit the success of a business, regardless of whether your company is a startup or is long-established. Business coaching invites an experienced but, crucially, a neutral individual to give you a fresh perspective on where your business is heading. It can act as much-needed support for any current issues you are experiencing.

Business coaching is also very useful for anyone considering starting a company too. Your coach will help you draw on your current personal strengths, as well as working on any weaker points to ensure you get off to a successful start. They will help you stay motivated so that your business becomes a reality, instead of remaining a pipedream.

How much do Business Coaches charge?

Pricing for business coaching will vary depending on if you require individual coaching, or whether you are looking for wider consultancy across the whole business. Some executive coaches may also charge more for individual sessions versus block sessions.

Should I get a Career Coach?

Career coaching is geared towards those who are ready to make actionable changes in their professional life. So, if you are ready to take your career to the next level, and are willing to listen and put the work in to get there, then yes.
Ally Gordon Coaching Ltd profile image

Ally Gordon Coaching Ltd

‘21 Certificate of Excellence

Hi, I am Ally. I help leaders reach their true potential both personally and professionally. Do you feel life has stalled, and wonder “is this it?” That was me… Like many of my clients, I found myself on an endless treadmill chasing money and prestige, at the cost of my relationships, time with my children, and my own sense of who I was. I had spent over two decades launching, growing, and leading over 55 hospitality businesses from start-ups to global including creating a concept working directly with Jamie Oliver. As founding Director, the last business I introduced and led, https://oleandsteen.co.uk/ grew from zero to 250 employees, sales of 14 million, 10 sites and sold to private equity for millions in the space of three years. I have coached over 1000 individuals from junior management to board level. These experiences taught me that many of us face similar challenges on our own unique journey through life, such as feeling overwhelmed, unsure of our vision for our life, our purpose, our values or stuck in negative thought patterns. At the heart of my success is listening and what I hear from clients is they. - Want to reach their potential as a leader - Finding leadership lonely, overwhelming and exhausting - Struggle to know what their future is. - Are experiencing challenges in business and personal relationships. - Focus or dwell on life’s negatives. - Seek validation from others. - Are looking for new challenges. Working together, using my Leading Yourself Program, a powerful and proven framework that has helped hundreds of my clients, we create lasting change, a renewed sense of excitement for your future and success in all areas of your life. You’ll gain invaluable insights, strategies, and support to help you understand and overcome obstacles, clarify your priorities, and achieve your goals. You will feel more energised, excited, and engaged with what matters in your life and ultimately understand the possibilities that are available to you. LET’S TALK Choosing the right coach can be a serious challenge. Therefore, I offer a complimentary 60-minute clarity call (over zoom). On the call we will have an honest and confidential conversation about what you need Even if this is our only conversation, you’ll come away with clarity, a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of where you are and where you could be.

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What do you love most about your job?

I love the results my clients get from the work we do together. My coaching work is laser focused on getting my clients crystal clear with their life, both personally and professionally. I use a methodology that has brought a huge amount of success to my own life and to numerous clients. After 20 years of building and leading businesses, I get a huge amount of personal and professional satisfaction supporting and guiding others to achieve their own success and work through the challenges that we all face at one time or another.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Over the last two decades I have launched grown and led over 55 hospitality businesses from start - ups to global, including creating a concept and working directly with Jamie Oliver. The last business, as the founding director I introduced into the UK, https://oleandsteen.co.uk/ grew from zero to 250 employees, sales of 14 million, 10 sites and sold to private equity for millions in the space of three years.

Four years ago, I decided that I wanted to go into coaching full time to give back all that I have achieved and learned personally and professionally, build a business for myself and spend more time with my children after a pretty hectic 20 years!

Why should our clients choose you?

With my 20 years of building businesses I have experienced many of the personal and professional highs and lows my clients will be experiencing. The methodology I now use with my clients is based on those experiences as well as all the work I have done on my own self development. I use a coach myself and surround myself with mentors, I am a great believer in the statement that you should "stand on the shoulders of giants"

I am 110% dedicated to my clients which my testimonials demonstrate hopefully.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

My coaching is available online
Clients can also come to my studio should they wish.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

Clients that come to my studio are provided with sanitiser.
I leave an hour between sessions so that I can sanitise the area
I wear a surgical mask - I encourage my clients to do so should they want

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It was my first experience with therapy and Tolis really helped me understanding a lot about myself and how to navigate through the healing process. Challenging at times but it changed my life and the way I approach things on a daily basis. I would 100% recommend him and go back to him when needed. Thank you

06 Apr 2024

We had Laura for a corporate workshop to celebrate International Women's Day. She was really inspiring and provided some positive ways of thinking about things differently. Within a remarkably short span, Laura exceeded our expectations and helped us shift our mindset.

04 Apr 2024

James helped at a time when I was lost with my career. The biggest thing he did was change my mind set and gave me my energy back. He wrote me a top class CV which I used to find a new job! I read his messages on LinkedIn and instagram daily and try and beat him out of bed each day, although I am not a member of the 4am club yet! James is a wonderful listener and took a lot of what I said and turned a positive spin on it - this was absolutely key for me. Thank you, James.

04 Apr 2024

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